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Danny Allan

One of the newest member of the band and a relative alien (he’s from Middlesbrough), Danny’s musical talent reveals a new side every time we see him.

Our saxophonist has played in bands since he was a teenager, starting off in his dad’s band The Spidermen, and he’s turned out to be quite the superhero since he joined The King Cush Band. We’ve had to start hiding the instruments, as he can pretty much embarrass the lot of us whatever he picks up – just check out his Instagram account.

With a CV that reads like a fantasy league line-up, Danny’s toured with Philip Schofield, performed at the Cavern Club and the Millennium Dome, had music used on Channel 4 and toured Venice. If that wasn’t enough, he’s also Head of Music at Middlesbrough College. Some say he’s a bit of a workaholic…

When it comes to the music, Danny’s solos are all the fireworks you’d hope for, but his rhythm playing is just so tasteful it really lifts the groove, like that secret ingredient in the cake that you can’t put your finger on but keeps everyone coming back for more.

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