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Dom Hornsby

Dom’s arrival coincided with a dramatic change of musical direction and helped take The King Cush Band to the next level. He may be young-ish, but once you’ve heard his music, you can’t help but think he was born about 50 years too late!

With a wealth of musical experience that’s already made its mark on the band’s original material, Dom’s input on keys and guitar rounds off the band’s sound and gives it a real edge. He’s kind of like the musical answer to the extra set of eyes that spots the obvious thing you can’t see for staring at it. Dom’s rich, bassy singing voice also brings that essential bottom end to the vocal harmonies that have become a centrepiece of the band’s sound.

The King Cush Band isn’t his only gig, either. Being in one of the North East’s hardest working function bands, he has more weddings under his belt than the local vicar, and he can take you back in time to old-town Chicago with his blues band the King Bees. His mellow character and (mostly) laid-back playing are the perfect complement to the band.

When he really lets his hair down, though, he’s something to behold. Let’s just say he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty keyboard player!

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