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Si King

If there’s anyone in the band who needs no introduction…

You might have seen Si somewhere before – let’s just say he knows a thing or two about cooking and motorcycles. With a famously down to earth, no-nonsense personality (actually that depends on what kind of nonsense), Si is full of luuurve for anyone who has the time to spend, and quite a few of those who don’t.

Known as a drummer, the band’s recent shift in musical direction has seen him move forwards on the stage, taking lead vocals on a number of original songs and fronting what has become a spectacular show. He still gets to hit things as well, though – those congas bring a true party vibe to the music.

Having such a high-profile personality in your band is no bad thing, as you might expect, and The King Cush Band have pulled out all the stops and stepped up to the big-stage festival gigs that wouldn’t have happened without him. Inevitably, though, the band ask lots of questions of him, so it follows that when things go wrong (and they sometimes do), it’s Kingy’s fault.

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