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Kev McNestry

Kev delivers a performance every time, time after time, without compromise. He has a great sense of the bizarre, which comes through in his terrible jokes. He loves music nearly as much as he loves his family, although some would say it’s the other way round!

Then there are the dogs, and the cats…

A highly accomplished and multi-skilled musician, Kev has studied and worked in music and social work; his lifetime of experience in both come through in his music and lyrics. He’s played guitar since he was 12 ½ years old (the half is very important), moving to the electrified version at 16 when he decided the traditional wooden box wasn’t loud enough. Piano followed guitar, then harmonica, then mandolin, tin whistle…the list goes on.

Since departing the world of social work several years ago, Kev has been touring the North East club circuit with a guitar, an amp and a microphone, playing and singing his heart out to anyone who’s up for a ‘turn’ on a weekend evening (he sometimes does weekdays as well for those hardcore punters).

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