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Percussion/Vocals - Si King
Drums - Lewis Ferguson
Keyboard/Guitar & Vocals - Dom Hornsby
Bass Guitar - Glen Smiley



Sax & Vocals - Danny Allen
Trumpet - Ross 'Rossylove' Laing
Trombone - David 'Showtime' Gray


ChiChi - Mattie - Rebecca

First picking up the Cornet at the age of 4 then onto the Trumpet in his early teens it soon became a life long passion and to date has had the privilege to work on many projects and sessions throughout the UK and Europe, working alongside bands and artists such as, Andy Taylor (Duran Duran) The Paul Marazzi A1, S-Club 7, 911, Five, Blazing Squad, Damage, Steps, East 17, The Overtones and many more.

Additionally, he frequently works in Theatre Pit Orchestras throughout the UK and tours including such production tours as The Sound of Music, The Full Monty, The Adams Family and Grease. Ross has also toured Canada, Sweden and Norway to name a few both as part of a group/band and also a solo artist. Corporate Functions and Weddings are also a part of his comprehensive career as a musician.

Likes dislikes!!!

FOOD – Professional Chicken Nugget taster. Steak Well Done and chips. Ham sandwich Neeee butter!!! Crisps!


Si King

If there’s anyone in the band who needs no introduction…

You might have seen Si somewhere before – let’s just say he knows a thing or two about cooking and motorcycles. With a famously down to earth, no-nonsense personality (actually that depends on what kind of nonsense), Si is full of luuurve for anyone who has the time to spend, and quite a few of those who don’t.

Known as a drummer, the band’s recent shift in musical direction has seen him move forwards on the stage, taking lead vocals on a number of original songs and fronting what has become a spectacular show. He still gets to hit things as well, though – those congas bring a true party vibe to the music.

Having such a high-profile personality in your band is no bad thing, as you might expect, and The King Cush Band have pulled out all the stops and stepped up to the big-stage festival gigs that wouldn’t have happened without him. Inevitably, though, the band ask lots of questions of him, so it follows that when things go wrong (and they sometimes do), it’s Kingy’s fault.

Kev McNestry

Kev delivers a performance every time, time after time, without compromise. He has a great sense of the bizarre, which comes through in his terrible jokes. He loves music nearly as much as he loves his family, although some would say it’s the other way round!

Then there are the dogs, and the cats…

A highly accomplished and multi-skilled musician, Kev has studied and worked in music and social work; his lifetime of experience in both come through in his music and lyrics. He’s played guitar since he was 12 ½ years old (the half is very important), moving to the electrified version at 16 when he decided the traditional wooden box wasn’t loud enough. Piano followed guitar, then harmonica, then mandolin, tin whistle…the list goes on.

Since departing the world of social work several years ago, Kev has been touring the North East club circuit with a guitar, an amp and a microphone, playing and singing his heart out to anyone who’s up for a ‘turn’ on a weekend evening (he sometimes does weekdays as well for those hardcore punters).


Chichi, Matti and Rebecca

vocals, stagecraft, inescapable awesomeness and good vibes

You really need to witness Chichi, Matti, and Rebecca in action to understand how amazing these three women are. With the voices of angels and personalities to match, they are an absolute vocal force to be reckoned with.

They’ve all been singing since they were children and their passion for great songs really shows, the power behind every note lifting the whole crowd and keeping them there for the entire performance.

Having met in Newcastle, the three friends turned sisters are well known in the area for their other musical endeavour, the Voices of Virtue Gospel Choir, which grew from just the two of them into a 16-piece choir and a 6-piece band, and now tours the country spreading joy and happiness – don’t worry though, they saved a good chunk of it for The King Cush Band!

Ross (Rossylove) Laing

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